Experiment with "New things every 30 days"

The two main things I've been thinking about this year (except tons of other important things) are productivity and motivation. Sometimes even things that you really love and enjoy become less interesting for you, because you do them each day during a long period of time without switching to other things. You lose your interest in these things, your motivation becomes worse and as a result your productivity is low. For example, I really love and enjoy programming and I can spend the whole day or weeks sitting in my armchair with my laptop just coding. But we should not forget that job isn't the only thing in the world. Sometimes we need to add more colors to our lives. I believe that new things may help you rest in some sense, improve your mood, motivation and creativity if you want. You may become a much more energetic, with greater motivation than ever before, just because you have so many different and interesting things in your life. In this article I'm going to write about the experiment that I plan to do in the next 30 days to add something new to my schedule and try to become more productive at the same time.