Integration database and why you should avoid it

Nowadays, it's common for companies to shift towards a microservices architecture. This approach promises a lot of benefits, but you should also be aware of common mistakes to avoid while migrating, otherwise you may end up with something even worse than your current system. This time I'll cover one of such pitfalls - integration database.

Nginx's HTTP/2 Does Not Work

It may seem trivial to enable HTTP/2 support in Nginx, but there are some caveats you may face. Let's go through the ones I faced during the HTTP/2 configuration for our sites.

How to Configure HTTP/2 with Varnish Using Nginx

More and more companies have started utilising HTTP/2 to improve performance of their sites and user experience. It's quite easy to enable HTTP/2, but how can you enable HTTP/2 with SSL if you have Varnish cache in front of your infrastracture? As Varnish 4.* doesn't support SSL, we need to find a way to make all these components work together.