Automating Code Style Fixes with Git and PHP Coding Standards Fixer

We all know coding standards in the PHP community and try to follow them. Despite this, we are all human beings and make mistakes from time to time. That being said means that we have a few options here: 1) Fix all code style issues manually 2) Use plugins for IDE or run CLI tools to fix everything These two options are not the ones I want to use. There is one more option - automate everything. Even though I'm going to use Git and PHP CS Fixer, the principles are simple and you can apply them to any language and any control version system. Keep reading to remove the routine and become a more productive developer.

Working with svn through git

I thought that nobody used SVN anymore and our world was a better place to live and work in. I was wrong. I recently agreed to fix some issues on a project and only when I got it did I understand that some people still use svn in their projects. For me it was total frustration, but it was too late to reject the project (yes, now you can laugh :) ). I didn't want to work with svn, so, I needed a way to work with it through git, and I found it. In this article I want to describe how to work with svn through your best dcvs - git. If you're out of luck for some reason and the project you've got uses svn, then you definitely need to read this article. Working with svn through git is as easy and almost as pleasant as working with git itself, I promise